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Recommended product series
Recommended product series

Environmental Protection Series

Environmental protection series

Occupational Health Series

Occupational Health Series

Radiation Monitoring Series

Radiation monitoring series

Company Profile / Company profile
Zhejiang Hengda Instrument Co., Ltd. was established on September 9, 2005. It is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development and production of environmental protection, meteorology, nuclear radiation and labor occupational health monitoring instruments. In July 2015, the company listed on the New Third Board, stock code: 833091. Since its establishment, Hengda has always focused on technological innovation. Through independent research and development, it has continuously introduced products that meet national standards and highly recognized by the market to enhance its core competitiveness. The company was identified by the Ministry of Science and Technology as a science and technology small and medium-sized company, and the company's R & D technology center was identified as "Hangzhou Enterprise High-tech Research and Development Center". A professional and complete R & D team. Currently has 21 patents (including 3 invention patents), which provides a strong technical guarantee for products ...
news / news



The first acid rain observation training course was successfully held in Hebei Branch

The first acid rain observation training course was held in Hebei Branch from November 11th to November 16th. Mr. Zhang Xiaochun from the Detection Center of China Meteorological Administration explained the basic knowledge and business specifications of acid rain observation.



Hengda shares in the National Meteorological Observation Work Conference and Meteorological Enterprise Exchange Meeting

From November 8th to November 9th, the 2019 National Meteorological Observation Conference of China Meteorological Administration was held in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province. Yu Xinwen, deputy governor of Shaanxi Province and deputy director of China Meteorological Administration attended the meeting and divided ...



Shangcheng District "New Manufacturing Plan" promotion conference and "Shangcheng · Red Galaxy" listed companies ...

On April 29th, around the theme of "not forgetting the original heart and remembering the mission", Shangcheng District held the "New Manufacturing Plan" promotion conference and the establishment ceremony of the "Shangcheng · Red Galaxy" listed company party building alliance, Hengda ...

Environmental protection series
Full performance automatic precipitation monitoring system
Automatic rainfall monitor
Intelligent acid sedimentation sampler
Smart Water Sampler
Automatic Drain Water Sampler
Automatically evacuates excess sample holder
Equal-Scale Mixed Sampling Over-standard Retainer
Automatic preservative over-standard sample holder
Water quality automatic sampler
Intelligent constant temperature over-standard sample holder
Water quality sampler-cabinet shore station
Portable water sampler
Portable proportional water sampler
Integrated Atmospheric Sampler
Flow sampler in smart TSP
Atmospheric fluoride sampler
Flue gas sampler (portable)
Flue gas sampler (fixed)
Four-way atmospheric sampler
Four-way constant current atmospheric sampler
Atmospheric Sampler—Air VOCs
Atmospheric sampler—constant temperature and constant current
Occupational Health Series
Dust sampler (mine)
Individual dust sampler (mine)
Individual air sampler
Individual Air Sampler (Pocket)
Portable dust and gas sampler
Portable dust sampler
Portable atmospheric sampler
Atmospheric sampler (explosion-proof)
Portable atmospheric (constant current) sampler
Weather series
Acid Rain Automatic Observation System (Northern Edition)
Acid Rain Automatic Observation System (Southern Edition)
Radiation series
Gas iodine sampler
Atmospheric radon sampler
Atmospheric C14 Sampler
Large flow aerosol sampler
Ultra-high flow aerosol sampler
Wet and dry sedimentation automatic sampler
Environmental and online automatic monitoring system
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