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Talent Strategy

talent strategy

Talent selection: In terms of talent selection, the company has a strict recruitment policy. We do not promote high consumption of talents. Our aim is "the right people do the right things and the right people do the right things."

Yucai: In terms of education, we have adopted a layer-by-layer training model. For different positions, we adopt different training content. For example, senior managers, the company will take the form of sending out and send them to colleges for further studies. , And the grass-roots workers and marketing staff, etc., the company will give them some practical training according to their work content.

Talent: "Up and down" is the core of Hengda's promotion mechanism. That is to say, for those who are capable, the company will promote them quickly, and for those who are poor, the company will also Make timely treatment, and absolutely do not allow the phenomenon of cauldron rice.

Retaining talents: In terms of retaining talents, Hengda always pays more attention to the stability of senior talents. For capable talents, the company provides considerable salary, benefits, guarantees and allowances. Of course, the company will also consider the individual occupations of employees Career design and personal development direction.

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