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    Outline the roadmap of environmental protection industry, these segments will be accelerated ...
    According to authoritative media sources recently, in order to continue the battle of pollution, China will accelerate the development of urban black and odorous water treatment, diesel truck pollution treatment, Yangtze River protection and restoration, drinking water source protection, rural environmental pollution treatment ...
    Interpretation | The battle of pollution prevention will face several iconic major battles ...
    The first meeting of the Central Committee of Finance and Economics held recently pointed out that in order to tackle the problem of pollution prevention and control, it is necessary to clarify the goals and tasks, reduce the total emissions of major pollutants by 2020, and improve the overall quality of the ecological environment. To play a few games ...
    Drinking water source protection special action covers all counties and cities, ecological ...
    In less than two years, China will comprehensively rectify the environmental violations of drinking water sources. By the end of 2019, all cities at or above the county level will complete special environmental protection measures for drinking water sources, to ensure that the people can drink safe and secure ...
      Environmental protection series
      Full performance automatic precipitation monitoring system
      Automatic rainfall monitor
      Intelligent acid sedimentation sampler
      Smart Water Sampler
      Automatic Drain Water Sampler
      Automatically evacuates excess sample holder
      Equal-Scale Mixed Sampling Over-standard Retainer
      Automatic preservative over-standard sample holder
      Water quality automatic sampler
      Intelligent constant temperature over-standard sample holder
      Water quality sampler-cabinet shore station
      Portable water sampler
      Portable proportional water sampler
      Integrated Atmospheric Sampler
      Flow sampler in smart TSP
      Atmospheric fluoride sampler
      Flue gas sampler (portable)
      Flue gas sampler (fixed)
      Four-way atmospheric sampler
      Four-way constant current atmospheric sampler
      Atmospheric Sampler—Air VOCs
      Atmospheric sampler—constant temperature and constant current
      Occupational Health Series
      Dust sampler (mine)
      Individual dust sampler (mine)
      Individual air sampler
      Individual Air Sampler (Pocket)
      Portable dust and gas sampler
      Portable dust sampler
      Portable atmospheric sampler
      Atmospheric sampler (explosion-proof)
      Portable atmospheric (constant current) sampler
      Weather series
      Acid Rain Automatic Observation System (Northern Edition)
      Acid Rain Automatic Observation System (Southern Edition)
      Radiation series
      Gas iodine sampler
      Atmospheric radon sampler
      Atmospheric C14 Sampler
      Large flow aerosol sampler
      Ultra-high flow aerosol sampler
      Wet and dry sedimentation automatic sampler
      Environmental and online automatic monitoring system
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