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Environmental air series and others

Environmental Protection
PC Individual Air Sampler

( SO 2 NO X ) 取溶液吸收法采集。 This instrument collects a variety of toxic and harmful gases ( such as SO 2 , NO X, etc. ) in the ambient atmosphere by solution absorption method. Applicable to emergency monitoring and sampling at all levels of environmental monitoring stations, safety supervision, occupational health monitoring institutions, industrial and mining enterprises, scientific research institutes, education and other departments.

product details

Implementation standards:

《环境空气采样器技术要求及检测方法》 HJ / T375-2007 "Technical requirements and detection methods of ambient air sampler"

《大气采样器检定规程》 JJG956-2013 《Atmospheric Sampler Verification Regulations》

《工作场所空气中有害物质监测的采样规范》 GBZ / T 159-2004 "Sampling Code for Monitoring of Hazardous Substances in the Air of Workplaces"

Scope of application:

The instrument is an ideal instrument for air monitoring and sampling at workplaces at all levels of safety supervision, disease prevention and control centers, colleges and universities, scientific research institutions, industrial and mining enterprises and environmental monitoring stations .

Instrument composition :

The sampler consists of an imported vacuum pump, a microcomputer controller, a multifunctional liquid crystal display, a sealed battery pack with repeated charge, discharge, overcurrent and short circuit protection, and a digital flow module. The shell of this series of instruments is injection molded with polycarbonate, which is flame-retardant, moisture-proof and anti-static .

Main features :

采样器工作过程全部由微机软、硬件完成,工作可靠、操作方便、智能化程度高; 1. The working process of the sampler is completed by computer software and hardware, which is reliable, easy to operate and highly intelligent;

采样器配备了国外进口的真空泵,用户可选择防爆型或非防爆型(其机械特性完全一致),泵的体积小、长期运行发热低、工作可靠、功耗低、真空度高; 2. The sampler is equipped with a vacuum pump imported from abroad. Users can choose explosion-proof or non-explosion-proof type (its mechanical characteristics are completely the same). The pump has a small volume, low long-term heat generation, reliable operation, low power consumption, and high vacuum;

采用电子式流量计,可实时地在液晶屏上显示流量值,并累计采样体积; 3 , the use of electronic flowmeter, real-time display of the flow value on the LCD screen, and cumulative sampling volume;

仪器内使用防爆锂电池组,无电池记忆效应,容量大,寿命长,配备本公司专用充电器,充电效果好,5小时即可完成充电; 4 , the instrument uses an explosion-proof lithium battery pack, no battery memory effect, large capacity, long life, equipped with our company's special charger, the charging effect is good, can be completed within 5 hours;

采用短路电流保护装置,确保采样器工作在本质安全电流范围内,使采样器具备良好的防爆性能; 5 , using a short-circuit current protection device to ensure that the sampler works within the intrinsically safe current range, so that the sampler has good explosion-proof performance;

该仪器有两种采样方式:即由工作在作业场所的工人挂在腰带上进行长时间采样和采用配套的三脚支架安放在作业现场进行反复短时间采样 6 , the instrument has two sampling methods: that is, workers working in the work place hanging on the belt for long-term sampling and using a matching tripod stand placed on the job site for repeated short-time sampling .

The main parameters :


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