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Water quality sampler topic
ZSC-VI Equal Proportion Mixed Sampling Super Standard Retainer

61 号文件技术要求! Meet the technical requirements of environmental protection document No. 61 !

61 号文件技术要求!! Meet the technical requirements of Environmental Protection Document No. 61 !!

61 号文件技术要求!!! Meet the technical requirements of environmental protection document No. 61 !!!

product details

I. Implementation Standards:

《水质自动采样器技术要求及检测方法》 HJ / T372-2007 "Technical requirements and detection methods for automatic water sampler"

《水质样品的保存和管理技术》 HJ 493-2009 "Preservation and Management Technology of Water Quality Samples"

Product Overview:

This product can realize the continuous collection and mixing of sewage at the discharge point, and use the mixed sample for the analysis of online analysis equipment to realize the monitoring function of the mixed sample of sewage at the discharge point. Solve the traditional online monitoring to monitor the sewage at the discharge point at equal intervals. However, the analysis period of water quality analysis instruments is often long, so the monitoring data obtained is only a set of sewage discharge data at equal intervals, which cannot truly reflect the problem of the total pollutant discharge at its discharge port. It can provide a powerful technical means for the total monitoring of sewage discharge and retention of samples exceeding the standard.

This product is mainly used in sewage discharge outlets of enterprises, and is used in conjunction with existing sewage online monitoring systems.

Third, the main features:

、A/B 双桶配置:配置A/B 双桶,可实现连续混合样采集、仪表供样以及超标留样功能; 1. A / B double barrel configuration: Configure A / B double barrels, which can realize continuous mixed sample collection, meter supply, and sample retention beyond the standard;

、主/被动工作模式:当该产品集成于分析系统时,既可以作为主控设备,控制分析仪等设备运行;也可以根据数采仪的控制指令执行采样任务,系统集成非常方便; 2. Active / passive working mode: When the product is integrated in the analysis system, it can be used as the main control device and control analyzer and other equipment; it can also perform sampling tasks according to the control instructions of the data acquisition instrument, and the system integration is very convenient;

、等比例混合采样功能:可按照等时间间隔或者等流量间隔进行混合采样,间隔时间、流量以及采样量均可灵活设置; 3. Equal proportion mixed sampling function: mixed sampling can be performed at equal time intervals or equal flow intervals, and the interval time, flow and sampling volume can be flexibly set;

、取水口液位检测功能:系统每次混合采样之前,均会对取水口液位进行判断,并且会提示并记录无水报警; 4. Water intake level detection function: Before each mixed sampling, the system will judge the water intake level, and will prompt and record the waterless alarm;

、多种仪表供样模式:支持主动供样(有压)以及被动供样(无压)模式; 5 , a variety of instrument sample supply modes: support for active sample (pressure) and passive sample (no pressure) mode;

、超标留样功能:当仪表测量值超标时,系统可实现缓存水样的超标留样功能; 6. Excessive sample retention function: When the measured value of the instrument exceeds the standard, the system can realize the function of buffering the water sample to exceed the standard;

、门禁控制功能(选配):为保证设备运行的安全性,设备具备刷卡门禁功能,可有效防止非授权人员干预设备运行; 7. Access control function (optional): In order to ensure the security of the device operation, the device has a card access control function, which can effectively prevent unauthorized personnel from interfering with the device operation;

、语音提示功能(选配):设备对于重要操作可进行语音提示,如“采样瓶清空”动作; 8. Voice prompt function (optional): The device can provide voice prompts for important operations, such as the "empty sampling bottle" action;

、添加保存剂功能(选配):加药模块,支持自动添加保存剂功能; 9. Add preservative function (optional): Dosing module, support automatic add preservative function;

、多种采样模式:除混合采样超标留样模式外,设备还支持普通超标留样、定时定量、定流定量、定时比例、定量等多种常规采样模式,可支持远程控制; 10. Multiple sampling modes: In addition to the mixed sampling over-standard retention mode, the device also supports a variety of conventional sampling modes such as ordinary over-standard retention, timing and quantification, constant flow quantification, timing ratio, and quantification, which can support remote control;

、智能化程度高,设有实时网络通讯接口RS232 和RS485,接受上位机或指定控制装置的信息,实现远程采样设置、执行及应答功能; 11. High degree of intelligence, with real-time network communication interfaces RS232 and RS485, receiving information from the host computer or designated control device, and realizing remote sampling setting, execution and response functions;

、设备具有断电保护功能,数据不丢失; 12 , the equipment has a power failure protection function, data is not lost;

、采样瓶箱室容积大,常年恒温在4±2℃范围内; 13. The volume of the sampling bottle box room is large, and the constant temperature is within the range of 4 ± 2 ℃.

、仪器单次采样时,采样量及采样瓶数可以自由设定,灵活性更高; 14. When the instrument performs a single sampling, the sampling volume and the number of sampling bottles can be set freely, and the flexibility is higher;

、采样瓶可以选择24只容量1L可反复使用的惰性材料采样瓶,采样瓶呈扇形排列在一个圆形箱体内,结构紧凑,采样量大; 15. The sampling bottle can select 24 reusable inert material sampling bottles with a capacity of 1L. The sampling bottles are arranged in a circular box in a fan shape, with a compact structure and a large sampling volume;

、采样结构设计紧密,采样灌装动作准确平稳,管路设计新颖,采用取样前后反吹设计,采样管路无污水残留液,确保样品无污染、真实性; 16. The sampling structure is tightly designed, the sampling and filling action is accurate and stable, and the pipeline design is novel. The backflushing design is adopted before and after sampling. The sampling pipeline has no sewage residue to ensure that the sample is pollution-free and authentic.

、实行水电分离,控制部分与机械取水部分完全分离,仪器安全性及稳定性更好; 17. Implement water and electricity separation, the control part is completely separated from the mechanical water taking part, the safety and stability of the instrument is better;

、强电与弱电部分分离,电控制部分元器件布局更合理,空间大、散热性好、仪器传输信号影响小、更易于维修,强电部分安全性高; 18. The strong and weak parts are separated, the layout of the components of the electric control part is more reasonable, the space is large, the heat dissipation is good, the influence of the signal transmitted by the instrument is small, it is easier to maintain, and the safety of the strong part is high;

、超标留样泵放置于采样器内部,大大降低采样时的振动及噪音,致使仪器采样时噪声小、振动小; 19 、 Exceeded sample retention pump is placed inside the sampler, which greatly reduces the vibration and noise during sampling, resulting in low noise and vibration when the instrument is sampling;

Fourth, the main parameters:


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