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Meteorological topics

Meteorological topics
TCYⅠ1 Acid Rain Automatic Observation System (Northern Edition)

The TCYⅠ1 automatic acid rain observation system fully complies with the definition, functions and technical requirements of the type I acid rain automatic observation system in the "Functional Requirement Book" of China Meteorological Administration.

product details

The TCYⅠ1 automatic acid rain observation system fully complies with the definition, functions and technical requirements of the type I acid rain automatic observation system in the "Functional Requirement Book" of China Meteorological Administration.

结构组成 n structural composition

The system consists of an acid rain automatic sampling subsystem and an acid rain automatic analysis subsystem. The acid rain automatic sampling subsystem is installed in the outdoor observation site to automatically collect precipitation samples and record the relevant data and information during the sampling process; the acid rain automatic analysis subsystem is installed indoors to perform pH, conductivity and temperature measurements on the precipitation samples Measure and record and store relevant measurement data.

工作原理 n working principle

The system collects atmospheric environmental precipitation in real time through the precipitation sampling subsystem, and the collected water samples are sent to the precipitation analysis subsystem to measure the EC, pH, and temperature of the precipitation samples. Observers collect data and information from the system through computers, perform quality inspection and integration, and form a complete record of acid rain observation data.

主要参数 n main parameters

pH 值测量参数范围: 0 14 0 50 ℃)自动温度补偿 1. pH value measurement parameter range: 0 14 ( 0 50 ℃) automatic temperature compensation

pH 值测量分辨率: 0.01pH 2. pH measurement resolution: 0.01pH

pH 值测量准确度:± 0.1pH 3 , pH measurement accuracy: ± 0.1pH

电导率值测量参数范围: 5 2000 μ S/cm 5 40 ℃) 4. Range of measurement parameters for conductivity value: 5 2000 μ S / cm ( 5 40 ℃)

、电导率值测量分辨率: 0.01 μ S/cm 5. Measurement resolution of conductivity value: 0.01 μ S / cm

电导率值测量准确度:≤± 2%FS 6. Accuracy of conductivity value measurement: ≤ ± 2% FS

、干湿沉降桶内径: ¢400 mm 7. Inner diameter of wet and dry sedimentation barrel: ¢ 400 mm

、计时精度:± 10s/month 8. Timing accuracy: ± 10s / month

测温精度:± 0.3 9. Temperature measurement accuracy: ± 0.3

感应器灵敏度:优于 0.05mm/h 10. Sensor sensitivity: better than 0.05mm / h

、开盖动作时间:≤ 15s (可设置) 11. Cover opening action time: ≤ 15s (can be set)

3min (可设置) 12. Closing delay time: ≤ 3min (can be set)

计时误差:≤ 0.1 13. Timing error: ≤ 0.1 %

n    General parameters

工作温度: 10 35 ℃( 分析子系统 ), -50 50 ℃( 采样子系统 1. Working temperature: 10 to 35 ℃ ( analysis subsystem ), -50 to 50 ℃ ( sampling subsystem )

、相对湿度:≤ 100%RH +25 ℃) 2. Relative humidity: ≤ 100% RH ( +25 ℃)

、工作电压:( 220 ± 15% V.AC 3. Working voltage: ( 220 ± 15% ) V.AC

、绝缘电阻:≥ 25M Ω 4. Insulation resistance: ≥ 25M Ω

、仪器功率: 400W (室内分析仪), 1000 W (降水采样器) 5. Instrument power: 400W (indoor analyzer), 1000 W (precipitation sampler)

、抗风能力:≥ 10 6 , wind resistance: ≥ 10

主要特点 n main features

        采用 10 寸工业级彩色触摸式液晶屏; 1. 10 -inch industrial color touch LCD screen;

        复合惰性材料测量池,低残留;有效抑制藻类繁殖干扰测量,可进行 pH 以及电导 率测量; 2. Composite inert material measurement tank, low residue; effective suppression of algae reproduction interference measurement, pH and conductivity measurement can be performed ;

        自动测量功能。 3 , automatic measurement function. pH 和电导率值,在屏幕实时显示测量数据,对每日混合样进行一次测量并记录分析数据; Continuous measurement of pH and conductivity values, real-time display of measurement data on the screen, measurement of daily mixed samples and recording of analysis data;

        电极自动保护功能。 4. Automatic electrode protection function. / 手动模式标定等; Automatic detection of electrodes, daily maintenance (cleaning, perfusion soaking), failure replacement information prompt, and automatic / manual mode calibration, etc .;

           自动清洗功能。 5. Automatic cleaning function. After the sampling is completed or at a regular time, the measurement electrode and pipeline are automatically cleaned by using the pressurized cleaning device technology to ensure the measurement accuracy;

        设备通过多种通讯方式按照《地面气象数据对象字典》可将观测数据和状态信息接入 ISOS 软件。 6. The device can connect the observation data and status information to the ISOS software through a variety of communication methods in accordance with the "Ground Meteorological Data Object Dictionary" . It can automatically receive the test data reported by the instrument, and view the information such as the operating status of the instrument;

        数据处理功能。 7, data processing functions. According to the detected data, various reports or graphs can be automatically generated on the instrument and the host computer;

        感雨器交变抗电离和动态温控防凝露技术。 8, rain sensor alternating anti-ionization and dynamic temperature control anti-condensation technology. Eliminate errors and misjudgments caused by climatic environments such as snow, fog, and dew;

           9,   Flow rain sensor design. There is no dead angle to sense rain, which can prevent misoperation of sundries and bird droppings;

      采样结构件全部采用 304 不锈钢材料制作,室外工艺保温喷涂,样品桶口离地面 1.4 米; 10. All the sampling structure parts are made of 304 stainless steel, and the outdoor process is sprayed with heat preservation, and the mouth of the sample barrel is 1.4 meters from the ground ;

          主机控制部分采用先进的嵌入式系统,具有看门狗功能,确保仪器高可靠性; 11. The host control part uses an advanced embedded system with a watchdog function to ensure high reliability of the instrument;

          防尘盖能准确平稳地将采样桶口置于防尘盖海绵体内,保证采样桶的密闭性,减少污染和水汽蒸发,确保样品真实性,防冻雨设计; 12. The dust cover can accurately and smoothly place the mouth of the sampling barrel in the sponge of the dust cover to ensure the tightness of the sampling barrel, reduce pollution and water vapor evaporation, ensure the authenticity of the sample, and prevent freezing rain;

          样品采用自然对流降温技术,保证样品温度不超过环境温度 2 ℃,降低挥发量确保样品的真实性; 13. The sample adopts natural convection cooling technology to ensure that the temperature of the sample does not exceed 2 ℃ of the ambient temperature and reduce the volatility to ensure the authenticity of the sample;

          仪器具有常规、高寒、高原版(海拔大于 3800 米)配置。 14, the instrument has a conventional, alpine, plateau version (altitude greater than 3800 meters) configuration. Alpine and plateau versions have heating and snow insulation functions;

          电源输入具有稳压、防雷和过载保护功能。 15. The power input has the functions of voltage stabilization, lightning protection and overload protection.

适用地域范围 n Applicable geographical scope

-50 ℃的我国北方地区。 The system is suitable for northern regions of China where the extreme temperature does not exceed -50 ° C.

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